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Advanced, user-friendly ELD solutions: New updates are here!

LionEight continues to develop and enhance our ELD software to help trucking teams stay compliant and organized. We’re excited to announce new updates to our app. Version 6.0, effective April 13, 2022, includes the following:

Roadside Inspection


A new tab that automatically detects and adds all new roadside inspections. It is also possible to add inspections manually.

Allow user to create a customizable DVIR report


Easily create custom DVIR forms and choose which fields are required or editable.

Search by “Trailer ID”

We’ve enabled search by Trailer ID for a quick connection between the driver and the asset. In the Hours of Service section, you can now search by ‘’Trailer ID’’.

Set priority to fault code


Users can now change Fault Code priorities. This is done by navigating to the Maintenance tab -> Vehicles Faults. In the list, by clicking on a red circle, you’ll be able to open a dialogue box where you can change Fault Code priorities. This way, you will know which faults need to be resolved urgently.

Add new “Logs view” that shows the log for 8 days

Users will now be able to see logs for all 8 days on a single Daily driver log view. This feature can be accessed by clicking on Logs Tab, choosing a driver’s name, and then clicking on the Options button in the upper right corner (the button with the arrow).

Speeding alert

A new type of alert, ‘’Excessive Speed’’, is available. A company will be alerted when a vehicle goes above the speed limit that has been set for it. To check this, navigate to Admin tab -> Alerts -> Add Alert. When you check the Excessive Speed in the Alert Type field, the Assets or Drivers dialogue box will be open. In it, users will be able to set a defined speed limit for a particular vehicle.

Fuel purchases

Users can now upload or manually add all fuel purchases to our app. The cost will be calculated in both dollars and gallons. This can be done in the new ”Fuel” tab on the left of the screen. This feature will help trucking teams increase transparency around fuel expenses and manage finances successfully.


On the dashboard’s map, users are now able to view the weather in the entire USA. No matter the cold, rain, tornadoes, or heat waves, our app will help trucking team members plan ahead and be aware of potential disruptions.

Maintenance repairs

It is now possible to add any sort of ”one-time” repair by navigating to History -> Add repair. Trucking teams will be able to access all repairs for all trucks in the fleet, which provides a comprehensive insight into the state of vehicles and helps with better organization.

For more details on how to use new updates, check out the video below.

We’re constantly working on developing new features and updating the existing ones to keep up with the market and our customers’ needs. Thank you for choosing LionEight! Contact our team and get a free trial today. 
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