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We are delighted to introduce a new version of LionEight ELD – 4.0.0. Lioneight is bringing you some exciting updates that will increase fleet efficiency. Find out about the latest features and improvements in our blog below.

Keep an eye on vehicles and trailers with GPS

Your customers can easily track vehicles and trailers with GPS devices. No more concerns about late arrival time. Broker can monitor the driver’s vehicle in real time with vehicle status and current location. Your links are safe. Fleets can choose expiration dates and easily delete links if necessary.

New ways to monitor violations in real time

Be better prepared for audits with the new update. Fleets can resolve violations on the fly. You can track all types of violations and form and manner errors directly from the dashboard. Widgets display information in real time. Hover your mouse on the number of errors and get a list of violations your driver has.

This improvement is for: large companies.
  • Monitor violations in realtime;
  • Be prepared for audits;
  • Resolve violations on time.

Download Logs Optimization

Now it is easier for multi-company to manage and download driver logs. User-friendly interface allows fleet to download up to 3000 logs with one click. You don’t need to uncheck all deactivated drivers. With all active options we simplify your search.

This feature is for: multi-company users.
  • faster downloading;
  • reduces the search time;
  • increase fleet productivity while working on logs.

Manage trips more efficiently

Monitor driver trips and manage unidentified driving efficiently. With a user-friendly interface, you can assign Unidentified driving directly from the log. A click on the Unidentified line opens the assign dialog. The fleet can fill the required fields and do the assignment within a minute. If you want to re-assign some driving, click on the trip line under the log and re-assign dialog displays.

In the Trips tab, there are two new columns: Start and End odometer. Any time fleet can track the number of odometers and distance that the driver traveled. Organize trips more efficiently.

This improvement is for: companies with a lot of trips and co-drivers.
  • save fleet manager time;
  • help to organize trips wisely;
  • assign and re-assign faster.

Tell ‘No more’ to keeping a bunch of bills

It is important to keep an eye on vehicle health because it is affecting driver safety. Fleet takes care of monitoring and resolving maintenance schedules. We all know that maintenance costs have a great influence on business. To avoid skyrocketing costs, you can easily monitor and add bills at the Maintenance History tab.

This improvement is for: companies with a lot of vehicles.
  • Keep bills under control;
  • Easily access all maintenance paperwork.
Start using LionEight ELD and get an ELD solution meeting the highest FMCSA standards. Learn about our features that will help you to grow your business faster. Contact our team and get a free-trial today!
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