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Because you deserve it! New updates are here! v6.10 for web and v3.0 for mobile are now available!

We are not joking with this one! LionEight is proud to announce that our team has worked really hard in the previous period. We have upgraded both our mobile app and the web app. There are so many new and exciting features introduced in v3.0 for mobile and v6.10 for web applications.

We introduced several new features, from scanning any type of document via our mobile app to having a prioritized list of drivers with unidentified driving statuses in our web app.

Keep on reading to learn everything about these and much more!

Mobile App Update


Scanning documents has never been easier! With our latest Scan feature, document scanning is done in one step. All you have to do is add the document, and our app does the rest because the documents are automatically scanned once this is done. LionEight knows how important time is and that’s why we’ve shortened the process for drivers as well. They can scan all types of documents as well with our latest feature.

Trailer Search

The Trailer icon has been added to the Dashboard. The users can now enter the Trailer ID in the field and the whole map and location of that trailer are going to be displayed in a dialog box after it has been correctly entered. With our sophisticated notification system, users will know if information, such as trailer GPS, is missing. This will improve the overall visibility as well as the whole process.

Some other major improvements we’ve introduced are that the driver can now look for nearby TravelCenters of America on Stations Maps, as well as change the YM status to GREEN DRIVING in a matter of seconds when the truck is moving at a speed of more than 20 mph and the driver has been on the road for more than 5 minutes.

Web App Update

Unidentified Driving in Progress Prioritization 

Safety always comes first! The Vehicle card now provides access to the prioritized list of drivers with the Unidentified Driving in Progress status. Drivers with the longest status will be placed at the top of the list, so they can’t be missed. Once they get there, you can contact them right away and be sure everything is in order. By responding quickly, you will be able to both increase the safety of everyone on the road and avoid inspections.


Process automation is one of the most important steps toward having the most efficient device on the market. LionEight puts a stop to adding the last connected drivers manually in the Maintenance, Service section. With this feature, after creating new repairs we will automatically fill out the last connected driver. So, you will have information about all repairs and the process of creating them will be much much faster.

Another improvement is that aside from two existing filters in the Maintenance Upcoming section (Filter By Schedule Type and Filter Due In), the latest addition is the possibility to Filter Them by Assets. This allows you to filter everything by status (both active and deactivated vehicles).

We’re constantly working on developing new features and updating the existing ones to keep up with the market and our customers’ needs. Thank you for choosing LionEight! Contact our team and get a free trial today.

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