In-dash GPS Tracker TM

L81508 Covert In-dash GPS Tracker

True Plug and Drive

Designed for quick, simple and foolproof installation, this robust unit provides continuous 24/7 monitoring, even under arduous conditions. This unit is an ideal fit for auto rental, fleet leasing, vehicle and plant finance, and many other automotive and heavy plant tracking applications.

Together with the latest u-blox 7 generation GPS chipset, built-in 1OOOmAH backup battery, ultra-low power sleep modes, 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection, intelligent firmware; this is the ideal device for tracking any vehicle using 12 or 24 volt batteries.

Reporting every 60 seconds while moving, the device stores location updates whenever it encounters an area without mobile coverage, and sends them to the server as soon as coverage is regained. This ensures there are no lost location reports for any journey.

The tracker uses the 3G/4G networks from the major US telco's and switches between them to automatically use the strongest network to provide superior reporting reliability.

Key Features

  • 3G/4G network for enhanced reporting
  • Long life battery, up to 2 months standby mode
  • Full web portal and smartphone apps provided
  • Monitors idling conditions
  • Updates location every 60 seconds while moving
  • Sleep mode while stationary conserves power
  • Motion sensors 'wake' the device up
Indash TM

ELD Rider – provides total control and visibility allowing you to almost be with the vehicle being monitored. Location, speed,direction and time stamps;all the data required to monitor and see where the vehicle’s location can be seen on the portal.

TrackLight TM