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About us

LionEight is the leading software company operating in the transportation industry. Our software offers a wide range of innovative solutions designed to enhance our clients’ business processes and procedures. With our headquarters in Kragujevac, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to creating simple yet powerful tools that top the challenges of the transportation industry in the US. 

Every day, we push the boundaries to establish ourselves as the industry leader, providing IT solutions that revolutionize the transportation industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to digitalize the transportation industry through software solutions and continuous innovation.

At LionEight, we develop end-to-end IT solutions that address all the challenges of the transportation industry, enabling our clients to achieve excellence, increase efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Our vision is to be recognized as the leading provider of innovative software solutions that transform the transportation industry.

We aim to deliver our clients groundbreaking software solutions that enhance their business processes and enable them to achieve exceptional results.

Our values