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AI Dashcam powered by LionEight

Save lives - prevent accidents before they happen.


Protect drivers. They are invaluable

Advanced AI Dashcam focuses on safe driving, preventing accidents, and reducing driving violations. It catches the events on the road with the front-facing camera and the driver behavior with in-cab cameras. This feature comes with sophisticated alerts using precise AI detecting yawning, phone usage, speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, forward collision warning etc. This will reduce costs by improving driving habits through coaching sessions with drivers.

fleet costs

driver safety

drivers coaching

Detect unsafe driving behavior instantly

LionEight cutting-edge AI Dashcam feature detects risky driver behavior with accuracy and enables alerting drivers and fleet managers in real time. Once detected, fleet managers will easily monitor driver performance and identify risks. This will enable them to single out the role model drivers from those that need additional coaching. Having insight into collected data allows to proactively customize driver’s training, thus prioritizing road safety through an individual approach.


of crashes in the US are caused by driver error or risky driving behavior.


of incidents were reduced after the cameras were implemented.


of fleet costs were cut after installing the dash cameras.

Have another set of eyes on the road

Get real-time visibility any time you need it and become a virtual “co-driver”. Being present in the vehicle with your drivers helps managers to stay on top of the fleet safety, access the necessary video material and have their eyes on the road with the Live Stream option. Best of all, it was designed with the user experience in mind, and it can also be accessed directly from the Dashboard, saving time on switching between tabs.

Videos you need, when you need them

In case of an accident, users can choose the time frame and access it within a second. This comes in very handy and is quite relevant when it comes to safety, especially in cases of traffic violations. In addition, insurance companies often ask for video proof. Therefore, having access to this saves a lot of money.

Day or night, you’re always safe with us

With LionEight advanced, user-friendly, and designed to fit every cabin dashcam, you’ll never miss a second. Wide-angle lens with full HD 1080p video capability, 6-axis G-sensor, and Starlight sensors, your drivers will be safe at any point of the day. Starlight sensors use image sensor technology to produce good quality color images in low light conditions, raising road safety to the highest level even at night or low visibility road conditions.

Prevent accidents, save lives

LionEight ELD Dashcam smart and precise alerts immediately detect and notify the users once an unwanted event happens. Different alarm types are available: Hard Acceleration, Hard Brake, Forward Collision Warning, Tailgating, Phone Usage, Smoking, Yawing, and Distracted Driving.

It’s not your fault. We can prove it.

LionEight AI dashcam allows you to prove the innocence of your drivers. Save money on insurance by having video proofs that show exactly what happened during an accident. Camera footage can be used to determine the cause and who was at fault, helping to prevent future incidents. Protect your drivers and your business.

Access all detected harsh events

Once the camera detects any harsh events the users are notified and information is automatically saved with all the relevant data (date/time, vehicle ID, camera S/N, alarm type, severity, and location). The great thing is that once the users get notified, it stays on the platform forever.


The road is unpredictable, don’t hope for the best, ride with the best. Significantly improve the overall fleet safety level while also reducing insurance costs with the LionEight AI Dashcam.

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