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Real-Time Alerts

Automated real-time alerts to keep you informed and in control.


Never miss a beat with our refined real-time alerts system

LionEight ELD advanced alerting system allows you to manage fleet performance and increase operational efficiency quickly. Therefore, custom alerts tailored to your specific needs will enable you to quickly gain insight into driver behavior and vehicle operations and ensure you get all the essential information. Our Real-time Alerts feature guarantees complete control over your fleet.

driver safety

maintenance costs


Be instantly alerted about the issues – prevention is the key

Identify and resolve issues before they become safety hazards. With more than 15 alert types, you will be instantly notified of all important events directly through the app, via email, or SMS. Whether that’s a driver near or in a HOS violation, a vehicle entering or exiting a Geofence area, or scheduled maintenance due date proximity, LionEight ELD has got you covered!


was the number of fatal truck accidents in 2022.


of fleets noticed longer engine life if they never missed the scheduled maintenance.


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You’re busy – so we’ll keep it simple

LionEight Real-time Alerts is a simple and easy way to keep track of your vehicles, drivers, and loads. All you need to do is set up an alert and customize it to fit your fleet’s needs, and you’ll be notified when needed. Tailor your LionEight Real-time Alerts to specific assets and drivers to avoid unnecessary information overload. Respond immediately upon receiving the alert and prioritize drivers’ safety while improving your overall business efficiency.

Be the best virtual co-driver! Remind your drivers when it’s time to rest, ensure their safety

Driving knows to be risky and often distracted driving causes dangerous situations for everybody on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it caused 91,000 crashes in the US in one year. HOS rules are there to prevent this, and LionEight Alerts are the means to make sure each and every driver is driving by those rules. You’ll get notified when a driver is near violating one and have a chance to quickly remind them to get some rest and stay safe.

Use LionEight ELD advanced alerts system. Increase operational efficiency.

Never again miss scheduled maintenance or deal with HOS violations with the LionEight ELD sophisticated and real-time alerts system. Stay on top of fleet performance and gain complete insight into drivers’ behavior and vehicle health.

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What kind of alert types can I create?

You can currently create more than 15 alert types including Geofence Entrance, Scheduled Maintenance, Vehicle Faults, Nearing & In HOS violation, DVIR Defects, Log Edits by Driver,.. We are looking forward to introducing several new alert types with the next software version update.

Can I choose the alert recipients?

Absolutely. You decide who should be the recipient of each alert: fleet manager or external recipient.
Choose if you want to receive notifications via Email, SMS or in the app.

Is there a way to set an alert only for the specific drivers?

For each alert type, you can choose which drivers, vehicles or trailers the alert will apply to. This means that, for example, you can set a Near HOS violation alert only for some company drivers and receive an alert only when they are nearing HOS violation. In that way you can stay focused only on the important issues you want to keep track of.

When will I receive the alert that I have a scheduled maintenance?

You can receive an alert on the day of scheduled maintenance, several days before it or when the odometer reaches the chosen value. Simply set how long before the due date you want to be reminded of scheduled maintenance.

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