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Asset Utilization

Reduce fuel consumption and maximize equipment utilization.


Increase vehicle productivity and maximize asset utilization

Asset utilization is an important factor in the success of any business. Maximizing the use of the assets available to a company is critical to success and profitability. With LionEight ELD Utilization, Mileage, and Idling reports, you can set the average requested distance per vehicle and compare it to the miles traveled in the chosen date period. You will increase vehicle productivity and optimize equipment usage by identifying underutilized or overutilized vehicles

asset utilization

fuel consumption

engine life

Boost your revenue with fewer resources

LionEight ELD Utilization reports are a powerful asset for fleet managers. They provide valuable insights into idle time, fuel consumption, and mileage per vehicle. The provided data will help fleet managers reduce time, money, and resources while increasing communication with drivers. With this feature, making smart decisions to maximize revenue with fewer resources will be as simple as possible.


of the annual operating expenses for transportation fleets are attributed to fuel.


is the average cost of idle fuel waste per truck per year.


per month can be saved if idle hours are reduced to a minimum.

Prevent inefficient vehicle use to save on fuel

Fuel costs remain the top industry concern making optimized fuel consumption the highest priority for any fleet. LionEight ELD Idling Utilization Reports provide the breakdown of idling time for each vehicle, making it easy to track your driving fuel efficiency by comparing idle hours and driving hours, preventing inefficient vehicle use. By identifying how long vehicles stay idle, you can contact the driver to minimize it, resulting in more efficient vehicle use. Finally, you will be able to monitor fuel cost and reduce it to a minimum.

Stop delaying growth – start riding with the lions!

Get a detailed overview of utilization with our solution. Increase engine life and reduce fuel consumption, and make your business more efficient and profitable.

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What is considered an idling event?

An idling event is recorded when the vehicle is stationary while the engine is running for more than 5 minutes.

Do I know which driver is responsible for idling?

Idling time is assigned to the vehicle, not to the driver. You will easily be able to see which driver was using the vehicle during the idle hours.

How is total fuel efficiency calculated?

Total fuel efficiency takes into account distance traveled and gallons spent for that distance during driving and idling hours. This data may come useful when calculating the fuel consumption per mile.

The total utilization of my vehicles in the Mileage Utilization report is 120 %. What does this mean?

Total Utilization is comparison of planned miles traveled vs. actual miles traveled in the chosen date range. If Total Utilization reaches 120 %, it means miles driven for all that the total vehicles are 20 % higher than expected.

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