With our software you can track active, upcoming
and completed loads within your company.



Once you submit your load details into our board, your drivers get dispatched immediately through our mobile app. We are making sure that all the information gets distributed to them accordingly and your loads are delivered on time.


Route status

According to current position of the vehicle at any time, distance to the delivery will be calculated and indicated with their status.
These 3 indicators will let you know not just where your load is at any moment, but also if it will be delivered on time or not.

Green (On time) means that the driver has enough time to arrive at the delivery (+3hours)
Orange (Warning) means that driver will most likely make the delivery on time(+1 hour)
Red (Late) means that the driver has less than one hour to make the delivery and will probably be late, so we can plan the rescheduling of the load accordingly.


Live Share

Provide current vehicle location with detailed information about the load to your brokers.
Do not waste time constantly giving updates, because time is money.
Use your time to book more loads!


Supporting documents

Our dispatch board allows smooth two way communication between the web and mobile application.
While creating the load send your drivers pictures, documents or any special instructions and they will receive it along with the dispatch information.
But that’s not all; request from drivers to send you pictures of BOL’s, tires, receipts or any other files. All of this is possible with just a few clicks on our mobile app.


Keep your drivers organized

Create and dispatch multiple loads at the same time. Help your drivers plan their daily routines and manage their driving hours in order to keep their mental and physical health. Keep their efficiency at the highest level!