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Improve fuel management efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Get all key statistical fuel management parameters in one tab


Increase transparency, improve performance, optimize fuel usage

Stay on top of the fleet performance by optimizing fuel consumption and increasing fuel efficiency. LionEight ELD enables fleet managers to see the top 10 states where the fuel was purchased, providing data to optimize future fuel purchases. Additionally, you can see the top 5 vehicles and drivers by purchased fuel for any chosen time period. Increased transparency into fuel consumption provided by LionEight ELD will help you make more informed decisions about your vehicle’s fuel usage.

Reduced fuel costs

Improved performance

More control over fuel purchases

Improve fuel efficiency. Access your company’s fuel expenses instantly

Fleet managers will now have the option to upload or manually add all fuel purchases to the LionEight ELD. In addition, we’re introducing two more ways of uploading files. Drivers can add it through the LionEight ELD and via EFS fuel card. By uploading or manually adding the purchases, fleet managers can more easily and accurately track fuel consumption, which can help them identify areas where fuel efficiency can be improved and reduce fuel expenses.


gallons of diesel is used per year during idle hours.


of a fleet's total operating cost is spent on fuel on average.


of fuel gets stolen across the fleets each year.

Have full control over fuel purchases – Prevent fuel theft

Almost 40% of fuel gets stolen across the fleets. With the LionEight Fuel feature, you’ll always know the exact location of your vehicle as well as the fuel purchase location. Thanks to a thorough validation procedure where all EFS fuel card purchases have to be verified by the fleet manager, it’s easy to notice any inconsistencies and react accordingly. Prevent fuel theft with LionEight and save a significant amount of money.

Error-free IFTA reports are no longer a problem!

Spending hours on manual IFTA calculations causes nothing but stress. With LionEight IFTA reporting, you will have more insights into fuel expenses and fewer headaches. LionEight ELD simplifies the entire IFTA reporting process, saving you from hours of manual calculations and human errors. Thanks to our integration with EFS fuel cards, you’ll have an overview of every fuel purchase your drivers make directly in our app. With LionEight Fuel feature, you’ll stay organized and on top of deadlines with just a few clicks!

Benchmark your fuel performance

Have each and every purchase made in the previous period available to you at any time. Filter each purchase by different parameters, such as company, driver name, date/time, vehicle ID, and many others. By accessing all the vital statistical parameters for fuel management, fleet managers can identify areas where fuel is wasted or inefficiently used.By having this data in a single, easy-to-use tab, you can react and correct these issues immediately. With LionEight ELD, you will streamline your fuel management process more easily, thus saving both time and money.

Fuel smarter, save better

Easily monitor and optimize fuel usage, saving time and reducing costs. Access all the vital statistical parameters for fuel management in a single, easy-to-use tab. Don’t waste more time on manual calculations – take control of your fuel management with the LionEight ELD Fuel feature.

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How do I connect LionEight ELD and my EFS card?

Firstly, EFS access must be approved in Admin | Company | Edit Company.
There is a new “Fuel” section between “Reports” and “Other”. In the “Fuel” section, we added the “EFS” option, which is turned off by default.
Once the toggle button is turned on, “Preview Login Guide” will be displayed. Here are the steps that will follow:
“Preview Login Guide” – opens EFS Login Guide in the new tab where this process is explained.
Two input fields will appear (they stay hidden before the toggle is on):
User ID – mandatory input
Password – mandatory input
Users need to enter their EFS Credentials in the User ID and Password field.

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