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Monitor vehicle activity within a defined area to boost efficiency.


Revolutionize fleet management with our
easy-to-use Geofence Feature!

Get instant notifications and SMS every time your driver is close to a specific location or your truck spends more time in a certain area on the map. LionEight Geofence feature enhances the safety of your vehicles, helps in reducing costs, and increases the overall efficiency of your trucking business.

vehicle theft

Improved delivery
preparation and efficiency

Eliminated off-hours
vehicles use

Improve fleet compliance
and safety

LionEight Geofence feature provides complete visibility into the movement of your fleet resources. If anything happens outside your planned route, you can quickly contact your drivers and immediately resolve any potential problems. Ensure safety in times of emergency and prevent misuse of time with geofencing.


of customers say mobile alerts are always helpful.


of employees say geofencing increases their efficiency on the job.


of vehicles get stolen per year.

Reduce costs

Stop wasting your resources, fuel, and time. Let LionEight Geofence feature alerts help your drivers stay on track. If your driver enters an incorrect location, the geofencing feature will immediately alert him while guiding him to the right location.

Prevent theft

Enhance fleet security and prevent theft by getting real-time alerts when vehicles travel outside approved boundaries. When shipping high-value, high-risk, and time-sensitive loads, the ability to track every move your trailer makes is extremely important. As a fleet manager, you can set a perimeter around your assets with the Geofence feature and receive instant notifications if they are moved outside their designated area. This helps you quickly identify and address unauthorized movements and reduce the theft risk.

No more endless calls. Get the work done much faster!

Check-in phone calls with drivers, brokers, clients, etc., can take a lot of time. Reducing that to a minimum will help enhance the overall fleet’s performance. All of that could be done in less than a minute once you mark the geofence area on the map and provide all the necessary information. Focus on other business-critical tasks knowing your drivers are on track!

Boost Customer Experience.
Simplify operations with
instant alerts

LionEight Geofence feature ensures on-time deliveries and enhances customer satisfaction by providing real-time delivery updates. Keep your customers informed with precise delivery status information, saving time on calls and delegating important information when needed. Trust LionEight with the security, speed, and care for each valuable shipment.

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What can I draw a geofence around?

You just pick a location on the map and draw any shape you like around it. That will be your geofence area.

What kind of geofence type can I choose?

Basic Geofence, Restricted area, Yard, Weigh Station or Risk Zone are just some of the Geofence categories you can pick.

Will I be alerted when vehicles enter the geofence area?

Yes, you can receive alerts both when a vehicle enters or exits the chosen geofence area.

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