Live Share

Just a click away from sharing current locations of all your vehicles.



You can access live share content from Dispatch board and Dashboard tabs.

Dispatch board gives you a more detailed view and with the help of it, you can provide the current location of the vehicle under a load with its supporting documents and drivers’ contact. These features are optional and once the load is delivered, the broker will get the message and the detailed information will no longer be visible even if permitted.


Dispatch board share

If you choose to send a Live Share link via Dispatch board, your broker will be able to see the most important information about the load's status.

Live Share link provides detailed information about not only the real-time vehicle's location but also about load and route status.

Your broker will see the main information such as Pickup & Delivery date and time, driver's personal information or company's name and address.

ispatch board share

Dashboard Share

If you want someone to be informed only about the location of the vehicle without these additional information, you can share the Dashboard link that contains :

  • Company name
  • Vehicle ID
  • Drivers’ name(s)
  • Location and driving status

In order to Share from the Dashboard tab, you will need to select a certain time frame that will determine for how long the link will last. After that, no information will be shown.