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Live Share

Load monitoring for third parties made easy


Cut the calls with brokers – Save time

With the LionEight Live Share feature, you can easily share information with third parties by creating expiring links that allow access to specific details such as location, vehicle status, and estimated time of arrival. It helps fleet managers, brokers, and customers collaborate more efficiently. You can create and live share the links with anyone directly from the Dispatch Board and share paperwork, driver information, and load details. By freeing up time, you’ll be more focused on essential tasks and improve efficiency, transparency, and profitability with LionEight ELD.

Improved data sharing

Complete visibility

Reduced redundant communication

Keep your data safe at all times

LionEight Live Share feature allows fleet managers to control access and duration of the real-time location information. By setting an expiration time and restricting access to authorized individuals, we ensure data security and prevent potential breaches.


of brokers will stop doing business with a company after just one delivery problem.


is the average time dispatchers and brokers spend on calls per year.


of clients are less likely to do business with a company when their freight arrives two or more days late.

Your customer needs an ETA?
Look no further

The Live Share feature lets you monitor the driver’s location in real time and puts an end to waiting for updates from multiple sources. You, your broker, and your customer can see where the driver is and where he’s going next. Whether it’s just one truck or the whole fleet, it doesn’t make a difference; Live Share lets you see them all at once!

Have complete control over the data

Create links, set expiration time, and give third-party access, all while having the ability to cancel at any time. All the links are accessible in the Live Share History section, where you’ll find information about when the link was created and when the link expires.

Transform the way you’re sharing information between the parties

Sharing the information with anyone you want is no longer a problem. With our feature, you can run your business transparently. LionEight ELD provides better communication between your fleets and brokers, which improves efficiency and reduces costs.

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What information will be included in the link?

Each live share link includes the vehicle location, vehicle status, current driver, driver’s phone number. If you share a link from the Dispatch Board, there will be additional information about load such as route status, load status, checked-in time and pickup & delivery information.

To whom can I share the live location of a vehicle?

Once you’ve generated a live share link in the app, share it with anyone you want.

I’ve sent a live Share link by mistake. Can I delete it?

Yes, if you sent a live share link to the wrong person or you have set the wrong expiration date, just cancel the existing link and create a new one.

Can I see the history of previously sent links?

Yes, you will see the list of all active live share links and the date when the link expires.

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