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Logs Manager

Monitor compliance with ease. Grow your business faster


Take care of your drivers. Control HOS

Fatigued truckers are a serious risk to themselves and others, so HOS violations are among the most dangerous violations in the industry. Because of this, fines for breaking HOS rules can go over $16,000. Use LionEight ELD and control your drivers and vehicles with our Logs Manager feature. Bring transparency to your fleet and ensure compliance with the HOS rules.

Improved compliance
with HOS rules

Simplified monitoring of
drivers’ location and status

Easily identified potential
issues impacting vehicle efficiency

Never lose sight of your drivers’ whereabouts

The Logs Manager provides everything needed to monitor all vehicles. Fleet managers can easily check all vehicle activities for every day with the Location History line, making it easy to monitor if there were any ELD unplugged events or any refueling events. By having an overview of everything, they can easily identify potential issues impacting operations, vehicle efficiency, and compliance.


of HOS violations were reduced after having an ELD in vehicles became mandatory.


of driver-involved crashes were reduced after implementing the ELD device.


of all HOS violations are related to Form and Manner violations.

Team drivers monitoring is
now easier than ever!

If multiple drivers share the same vehicle, it may be unclear who was driving at some point. This feature allows fleet managers to view all driving events yet to be assigned to a driver and know all details, even during unidentified driving events. All driving time will be accurately accounted for, even when the driver cannot be identified. As a result, fleet managers can ensure their drivers are compliant with regulations and are working properly, which leads to safer and more efficient operations.

Monitor all vehicle activities. Stay on top of fleet management

With LionEight ELD, fleet managers have a comprehensive view of drivers’ duty statuses, log edits, engine hours, odometer, location, and notes for each status. Important events, such as certification events, power-up activities, etc., are recorded every two minutes while the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, compliance managers can ensure compliance by verifying required information and easily suggesting log edits to drivers, all within one minute. Trust LionEight ELD to streamline your fleet management processes.

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How often is location data recorded from an ELD device?

Location data is recorded every two minutes.

Location data is displayed below the driver’s log, but the driver’s status wasn’t driving during that time. How is this possible?

In this case, the driver was probably not connected to the mobile device or has lost internet, but the vehicle was in motion.
You will see the Unidentified Driving event on the driver’s log and be able to assign the driving event to the driver.

Where can I check if my driver has entered trailer and shipping documents?

Check for possible Form & Manner Errors directly from Driver’s Daily Log and remind your driver’s to enter the missing trailer and shipping documents and to certify logs, if they haven’t already.

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