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Preventive Maintenance

Upgrade your fleet's maintenance game and experience unparalleled efficiency


Take a proactive approach – prevent more significant issues

Upgrade your vehicle maintenance game with LionEight Preventive Maintenance Feature and never be caught off guard by unexpected vehicle issues again. Choose any type of maintenance you need, from Engine and Oil Changes to Licence and Lease Expiry and many more. Not only will you have peace of mind, but you’ll also save money by minimizing costly replacements and maintenance costs.

Reduced maintenance-related costs

Enhanced safety and reduced liability

Reduced number of late deliveries

Catch defects before they become larger and more expensive issues

With the cost of maintenance on the rise, unplanned repairs can be a budget breaker. Our feature helps you track costs and schedule regular maintenance for your assets, ensuring you’re always in control of your expenses. Don’t let unexpected repairs drain your wallet; with LionEight ELD by your side, you’ll start seeing real cost savings!


of companies see longer equipment lifespan when they perform preventive maintenance.


ROI increase can be achieved if preventive maintenance is implemented.


of truck accidents are caused by maintenance issues, per an FMSCA study.

Guaranteed on-time deliveries

A preventive maintenance program is key to keeping your vehicles on the road and performing at their best. With regular check-ups and repairs, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicles are reliable and dependable. Invest in a preventive maintenance program today and see the difference it makes! Unexpected breakdowns will become a thing of the past as soon as you start using LionEight ELD, and your deliveries will never be late again, thanks to the Preventive Maintenance feature.

We’ll protect you from costly breakdowns and accidents

90% of mechanical failures are due to preventable problems, avoidable with a good preventive maintenance plan in place. LionEight ELD offers the option to have an overview of the full repairs history with all the necessary data. The Maintenance History tab includes both repairs’ details as well as the cost information for each vehicle repair that you paid for. With this kind of transparency, you will be able to cut costs by organizing your finances in a different way. Use LionEight ELD and save yourself from a lot of headaches and expenses in the long run.

Never miss a crucial maintenance date again

Prioritize your maintenance tasks easily with the Maintenance Schedule option and ensure that your vehicles are always in top working condition. LionEight ELD makes it easy with its list of prioritized upcoming maintenance events, where the most urgent tasks are highlighted in red.

Ride confidently: Always know your vehicle is repaired and ready to roll

Whether your vehicle is in the shop for routine maintenance or unexpected repairs, our alerts keep you informed every step of the way. Once the repair is resolved, the fleet manager assigned to this particular repair will be notified via email. The drivers will also be notified right away, so they’ll know when to pick up the vehicle and hit the road.

Tackle problems before they grow into bigger issues

Be proactive, be prepared – upgrade your fleet’s maintenance game and experience unparalleled efficiency. Don’t wait. Improve your vehicle’s health and bottom line with the LionEight Preventive Maintenance feature!

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How will I be aware of the upcoming schedules?

You can set a customized alert and determine when you want to be notified of the upcoming schedule. You can also check the Upcoming table and see the Schedules with the closest Due date on the top.

Can I choose maintenance frequency by vehicle’s odometer?

Choose a maintenance frequency in a way that suits you: in days, miles or engine hours.

How is the next service calculated?

Next Service is calculated as Last Service plus Maintenance Frequency. For example, if you have chosen a maintenance frequency every 1000 miles, and the last service was performed when the vehicle’s odometer was 550 000 miles, the next service will then be when the vehicle’s odometer reaches 551 000 miles. If there is no Last Service information, the Next Service will be calculated based on the current odometer (or current date or engine hours).

Will I see the history of all performed maintenance schedules?

When you resolve a schedule, you will be able to enter the necessary information such as maintenance costs, vehicle’s odometer or additional notes. You will find this data in the “Maintenance History” section.

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