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Reduce errors from manually collecting data to zero


Unify reporting across your operations

Stay on top of your fleet’s performance by tracking your drivers’ activities and vehicle events effortlessly. With more than 20 LionEight digital reports, you can track all drivers’ activities and vehicle events with automatic calculations for every report. They are downloadable in both PDF and CSV formats so that you can analyze them anytime, anywhere. Eliminate all paperwork and reduce audit risk with LionEight ELD comprehensive reports ensuring compliance with FMCSA regulations.

Reduced fuel costs

Automated complex calculations

Reduced audit and human errors risk

Improve operational efficiency with digital reporting

Gain valuable insights into your fleet’s performance with our powerful asset reports. Monitor asset events with ease acquired both from LionEight ELD and GPS devices. All our reports are customizable, so you can tailor them to your needs. Optimize your fleet’s performance with our Utilization reports, which provide valuable information to help you evenly distribute the loads. Keep track of your vehicles and trailers that are not in use with our Inactivity report, and identify the non-efficient use of trucks with our Idling report.


per month can be saved if idle hours are reduced to a minimum.


accuracy is guaranteed with LionEight IFTA Mileage and State reports.


gallons of fuel per hour is consumed when a heavy-duty truck is idling.

Submit error-free IFTA reports

IFTA reports are tiresome and require hours if you do the calculations manually. Let us do the math for you! LionEight ELD simplifies the entire IFTA reporting process, saving you from headaches. Thanks to the sophisticated AI, IFTA State and IFTA Mileage reports calculate each and every mile traveled. The unplugged miles shouldn’t be on your list of concerns as well since LionEight ELD takes into account the miles traveled during the time when ELD was unplugged from the vehicle.

Keep your safety score impeccable

Keep an eye on the drivers prone to violations with HOS Summary Reports, HOS Violations Reports, and Form and Manner Errors Reports. Identify drivers prone to violations and proactively address any issues to improve their safety as well as fleet safety. With summarized data and customizable filters, you can easily monitor daily reports, individual driver violations, or the whole fleet’s compliance. Don’t wait until an accident occurs to take action – stay ahead of the game with LionEight Reports and save money.

Maximize efficiency: Less paperwork, more time for business

LionEight ELD Reports provide valuable insights allowing you to optimize your fleet’s performance and keep your drivers in check. Increase driver safety and have peace of mind because we make sure your business only grows once you start riding with us.

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How can I keep track of trailer activity and utilization?

LionEight offers you several reports to keep track of both vehicle and trailer activity. If you want to see the dormant duration, check out the Trailer Inactivity report.
For more information on how to take advantage of Mileage and Idling Utilization reports, see the Asset Utilization

Can I keep track of fuel consumption during idling?

To gain insight into total fuel consumption which takes into account both fuel consumption during driving and idling hours, check out the intelligent Idling Utilization Report.

How can I use reports for driver coaching?

You can generate several reports where you will gain insight into the driver’s behavior: time spent in each duty status, number of HOS violations or the amount of Form & Manner Errors in a chosen period. Use the data from these reports to coach drivers and improve their driving behavior.

How does the LionEight ELD help with IFTA filing?

LionEight ELD calculates the miles driven per each vehicle in each state in a chosen period.
Use both IFTA Mileage and IFTA State reports to file an IFTA tax report.

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