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Track driver behaviors with our harsh events data.


Track important events

A driver scorecard’s purpose is to present driver behavior based on performance indicators clearly and understandably. This enables the fleet manager to incorporate data into driver coaching and safety management programs.
With the Scorecard, fleet managers can do the following:

  • Customize the scorecard based on the fleet’s most important indicators.
  • View the scorecard from the Driver or Vehicle’s point of view.
  • Give each driver or vehicle a score based on the number of driving infractions versus the number of miles driven.
  • Drill down into a specific driver or vehicle to learn about each infraction that affects the score.

Customize the scorecard based on the fleet’s most important indicators

Fleet managers use the Scorecards feature to monitor and track any significant events from their drivers and vehicles. Significant events include hard braking, hard turns, hard acceleration, idle time, and speeding.

A user decides:
  • WHICH safety events are taken into account – slider where the user turns on or off event
  • The IMPACT of safety event to calculation – a scale from 1 to 3, where:
  • 1 = Low Impact
  • 2 = Medium Impact
  • 3 = High Impact

Ensuring the safety of your fleet

This information will help fleet managers spot areas of improvement and work with drivers to improve safety on the road. Aside from safety, reducing hard events can help reduce overall vehicle maintenance costs.


How the scores are calculated?

Scores are calculated by taking the following factors into account:

The distance traveled by the vehicle during the reporting period (in miles).

The reporting period’s number of events per each enabled safety event.

The significance of each enabled safety event.


Score = ((Miles Traveled – ((Number of Occurrence for SafetyEvent1 x impact of Safety Event1) + (Number of Occurrence for SafetyEventX x impact of Safety EventX)))/Miles Traveled) x 100

Example: A user has enabled and configured impact for the following safety events:

Event: Hard Turn | Impact: | Occurrence: 10

Event: Speeding (80mph) | Impact: | Occurrence: 2

Event: Hard Brake | Impact: | Occurrence: 4

Event: Hard Stop | Impact: | Occurrence: 5

Event: Hard Acceleration | Impact: | Occurrence: 4

Event: Idle Stop | Impact: | Occurrence: 4

Miles traveled in the period: 500

→ Score = ((500-((10*2)+(2*1)+(4*3)+(5*2)+(4*2)+(4*3)))/500)*100 = 87,2 = 83

Round score to the integer number.

When the distance is 0, leave the score “N/A” and do not calculate the score.

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