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Smart Dashboard

Gain complete real-time visibility of all vehicle, trailer, and driver activities.

Keep the roads safe.


Work smart,
increase fleet efficiency

Real-time vehicle and driver status, Unidentified Driving Events, possible vehicle fault codes, and all other information crucial for a successful fleet are available in one place. LionEight ELD Smart Dashboard offers all the necessary features, including customizable maps with ELD and GPS devices, fuel prices, weigh stations, and others – making it the ultimate comprehensive solution.


Increased customer


Quickly spot violations
and take action

LionEight ELD Smart Dashboard allows real-time monitoring of driver and vehicle activities to prevent violations and improve productivity. Have an instant view of the details you need in one window and easily spot all drivers with near-violation status. This allows fleet managers to provide feedback to drivers and enhance day-to-day fleet operations.


of vehicle maintenance expenses are saved thanks to full visibility.


of customers would not order again if their package was not delivered on time.


of hours of service violations were reduced thanks to the HOS alerts.

Prevent HOS violations and remain ELD compliant

Nine of the top 20 driver violations for 2022 relate to HOS. Preventing them is every fleet manager’s top priority. LionEight Smart Dashboard is equipped with a precise, in-built notification system, which alerts you and your drivers if they are close to violating HOS rules, provides recap information, and driver sync status. This will simplify keeping track of the time left until the end of the 14-hour duty period and reduce the risk of errors to a minimum.

Keep your vehicles
and drivers in check

Quickly take action and improve the safety of your fleet with all important vehicle information in one place. LionEight ELD Smart Dashboard provides information on driver duty status, current location, speed, last ELD sync, or possible vehicle fault code. This ensures that you are always aware of the status of your vehicles, making it easy to contact drivers immediately and prevent accidents. Last but not least, it helps to avoid any possible fines.

Optimize productivity, save time, and increase customer satisfaction

Monitor your fleet in real-time and optimize productivity by sharing live shipping information, monitoring statuses and cycles, sharing routing updates, and having insight into real-time traffic jams. This will result in faster deliveries which will ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Catch all mistakes with
pinpoint accuracy

Smart Dashboard widgets provide all the data fleet managers need to boost the productivity of their fleet by allowing them to track unwanted driver behavior in the last eight days in one tab. From widget warnings about HOS violation events and DVIR defects to Form and Manner error widgets, managers can be on top of each and every activity of their fleet.

Complete visibility in one place

With our Smart Dashboard, you will be on top of all vehicle, trailer, and driver activities in real time. Improve ELD compliance, prevent HOS violations, and ensure that assets are on the right route at all times.

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Is there a way to keep track of Unidentified Driving in progress?

If the vehicle is in motion, but the driver isn’t identified you will immediately see Unidentified Driving vehicle status sorted at the top of the Dashboard list. You can also see the last identified driver that was driving the vehicle and call him directly from the app.

Can I track potential HOS violations from Dashboard?

Drivers that are currently in violation are shown at the top of the Drivers list on Dashboard. You are able to see remaining Break, Drive, Shift, Cycle and Recap hours directly from the Dashboard and contact drivers if they are about to or already have violated HOS regulations.

My vehicle is running out of fuel, how can I find the nearest gas stations from the current location?

Check out where the nearest Pilot & Flying J or Love’s stations are with real time fuel prices directly from the Dashboard map.

Is it possible to track assets with ELD and GPS devices in one map?

Yes, all vehicles and trailers are all shown in one Dashboard map, regardless of the assigned device.

How far back can I view location history for my vehicles?

You are able to see all vehicle and trailer activity for the last six months.

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