GPS Fleet Tracking

Running a business from your office just as good as if you were out there with your
fleet is possible with the right GPS device. You will know the details that matter.

GPS Fleet Tracking


Once you realize you could use help with managing your fleet, improving your business scores, and keeping a closer track of every one of your vehicles, a GPS device is just what you need to give you the edge. Safety is a priority in every type of trucking business, and we understand that it’s much easier said than done- keeping not just your vehicles, but your drivers safe and alert is not easy at all. If you choose to find the easy, affordable, and simple solution to this rising issue, we will gladly show what makes our GPS solution best for your company. Here at Lion Eight, we know exactly what you are looking for, and we created a perfect environment for your growth.


Improve safety of your trucks and drivers

In the trucking industry, safety is and should be a priority. With us, you can overlook the driving time and make sure that no-one puts themselves, or your property in danger. GPS devices we offer can help you monitor every movement.

Now, you can have every piece of data you need in one place- on your computer, where you can keep track of every single information important for your business.

You can make sure your fleet is running at the optimal speed, and see the activity of every single vehicle at all times. This improves the quality of the services your business is able to offer, and there will be no unused vehicles.

Improve safety of your
                        trucks and drivers

You can use our GPS devices on your truck and your trailers

Being able to use our GPS devices on both trailers and trucks gives you the ability to monitor both of them even when they part their ways.

If you prefer being undercover with your tracking devices, you can choose some of our less obvious models. You can be the only one knowing that your vehicle is being monitored.

BE ONE STEP AHEAD OF PROBLEMS It’s much easier to be aware of everything that is happening before you have a problem on your hands. If a vehicle is not efficient enough, you can change it now, and improve your business all the time.


Additional features

IFTA Mileage Report

Use our smart filters to see how many miles have each of your trucks driven over a period of time you choose. And, you can choose to observe your vehicles in each state alone.


You can see how many miles each of your vehicles has driven for any time period you choose. Taking care of the efficiency of your fleet is easier this way. You can see the same data when it comes to your trailers.

Location History report

If you need to know where a certain vehicle was located at some point in the past, you can choose that vehicle and time period you are interested in. You will now be able to see the exact location of the vehicle and trailer at a given time using our GPS devices.

Mileage Utilization Report

Efficiency is extremely important when we think about the trucking industry, and with this feature, our GPS devices offer, you will be able to tell if any of your vehicles or trailers are falling behind the schedule.

Idling Utilization Report

For your company to prosper, your drivers and your vehicles have to be safe. It’s only possible If drivers are well-rested, and you can monitor the Idle time from your computer. This way, you can prevent anyone from over driving at any time, or for resting more than you agreed to.

Inactivity Report

Are you worried that one of your vehicles might not be operating for quite a while without you noticing it? That is a perfectly reasonable thing to worry about, but we are able to give you a way of dealing with this issue. You will be able to see each time when your vehicles or trailers are not moving and the time of being unresponsive as well.

Taking care of your business while it grows gets more and more challenging and choosing the best smart systems and solutions is the best way of dealing with those challenges. That is why we make sure you don’t have to take much of your time to deal with this. Our GPS devices and our flexible, yet reliable software will help you improve the efficiency of your fleet in no time. If your drivers are safe and if you can monitor their actions from your computer, you can see what needs to be improved and work on it. Lion Eight makes sure you know the exact location of your trucks and trailers at all times!