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How Fleet Management Software Improves Your Business

Fleet management aims to oversee and manage all fleet operations to ensure a seamless, safe, productive, and profitable business. Since trucking is a highly-regulated industry full of risks and complex challenges, trucking businesses rely on fleet management systems to achieve maximum benefits from their operations. Luckily, thanks to systems packed with innovative features, it has never been easier to automate daily tasks and monitor drivers’ performance.

So, regardless of the type and size of your trucking business, once you combine the best management strategies and the right technologies, you will be able to implement efficient, cost-effective, and safe operations. If you wish to know more about how fleet management software improves your trucking business, keep reading our text.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Before we get right into that, let us see what exactly fleet management software is. A fleet management system is a digital tool that improves the efficiency and productivity of a truck fleet. In addition, it also ensures the safety of its drivers. The software achieves this by combining vehicle tracking, fuel consumption reporting, vehicle maintenance management, and monitoring driver behavior.

All this information is available thanks to telematics devices, such as ELD, GPS devices, and dashcams. These devices can transmit data in a few different ways. Most ELDs, for example, use cellular service or satellite communication networks. The data is immediately available in the fleet management software.

Overall, a well-rounded fleet management system helps businesses track each aspect of their operations and notify managers when a particular action is necessary. Thus, it goes a long way in helping you solve any issues before they become expensive problems.

The Benefits of Fleet Management Software

No matter the size and type of your company, investing in top fleet management software has many benefits that can significantly improve your trucking business in the long run. We have compiled a list of some of the most important ones; take a look below.

Fleet Management Software Benefits
  • Fleet Safety – one of the most important benefits of fleet management software. It usually comes with a driver monitoring system, which allows you to monitor drivers’ behavior. This gives managers an opportunity to increase safety, reduce costs, and prolong the lifespan of a vehicle.
  • Low Fuel Consumption – inefficient fuel consumption has always been an issue for fleet managers since it can significantly affect the estimated budget. Thanks to the fleet management software, managers can identify areas of unnecessary and excessive idling, and cut down unnecessary stops.
  • Improved Vehicle Health – the fleet management app can be even more useful and cost-effective thanks to predictive maintenance. The system will alert the manager if the truck has an active fault code. It will also remind drivers to fill out the DVIR, which they can do electronically.
  • Live Updates and Insights – through fleet management software, you can keep an eye on your vehicles in real-time and redirect them if necessary. The clear overview, job completion status, estimated arrival and delivery times are all available through the app.
  • Swift Reports – among other things, the fleet management software saves you both time and money, allowing you to fill out all the necessary paperwork in a matter of minutes. In addition, you can fill out your IFTA calculations in no time, saving you days, or even weeks of manual data entry.
  • Maximize profit – in time, you will see that thanks to all the benefits mentioned above, your business will become even more profitable. The truck fleet management software guarantees savings on costs, such as fuel, insurance premiums, maintenance, and more.

Now that you know the importance and the benefits of fleet management software, it is time to choose the right one for your business.

How to Choose the Right Fleet Management Software

There are certainly many different options out there. However, you should definitely consider a couple of things before you decide on fleet management software. If you wish to make the most of your management system, choosing the right option is crucial. Here are some factors you should take into consideration:

  • The price – you should definitely choose an option that is well within your budget, however, make sure to calculate the cost of any ongoing fees for extras such as licensing, extra features, contract obligations, etc.
  • Must-have features – depending on your type of business, some features may be non-negotiable. Make sure that your software of choice offers all the necessary features in the package price.
  • Intuitive interface – most fleet management software is easy to use, however, make sure to choose one with easy onboarding, which also offers plenty of customer support for questions or issues. An easy-to-use interface is important for both the managers and the drivers.
LionEight Fleet Management Software App

If you are interested in a certain product, make sure to check out customer reviews, as well. That way, you can see the quality of the product before you invest your money into software that might not be the best choice for your trucking business.

Choose LionEight ELD

LionEight ELD offers everything you need to manage your fleet in one place. Our solution comes with simplified compliance with registered ELD, Dashcams, real-time GPS tracking, maintenance and dispatch solutions, and IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, all within one platform.

The user-friendly app allows drivers to easily record their daily logs, while safety managers have an insight into the driver’s logs. Our team of IT professionals has created a unique product from scratch that is constantly being improved to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

As a fleet manager, or a business owner, you know that staying on top of driver and vehicle safety, maintenance, compliance, and efficiency are the most important aspects of your business. With a great strategy and a top-notch fleet management solution like ours, you can significantly improve your profits while keeping your truck fleet running smoothly.

Who uses fleet management software?

Fleet management software is designed for businesses of all sizes and types that rely on cars, trucks, vans, or other vehicles. In order to successfully manage a fleet, companies need to track maintenance, routes, locations, budgets, drivers, and safety.

What does fleet management software do?

Fleet management software reduces manager workload by maintaining an accurate and up-to-date overview of vehicle diagnostics, geolocation, and driver behavior.

What are the benefits of a fleet management system in trucking?

The benefits of using a fleet management system are improved productivity, security, compliance, safety, and cost-efficiency.

What makes a good fleet management system?

A good fleet management system must take a solution-focused approach to truck fleet management. By adopting such an approach, the system is geared towards problem-solving and meeting the needs of each user.

What to look for in fleet management software?

When deciding on fleet management software, make sure you choose an option that comes with features crucial for your type of business, a price that is within your budget, and a user-friendly interface.

Why is LionEight the right solution?

LionEight is definitely the right choice for your trucking fleet. Our solution offers simplified compliance with registered ELD, Dashcams, real-time GPS tracking, maintenance and dispatch solutions, and IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, all within one platform.

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