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New features are here: update v6.8 is live!

Great news incoming! As always, LionEight is working hard to assure a smooth user experience. Our latest update was created with the idea to help companies save time and money. We introduced two new features: Maintenance Ongoing and the updated Unidentified Driving in Progress feature. To learn more, keep reading!

Maintenance Ongoing


The main feature of the 6.8 update is the advanced Maintenance feature. This new feature was based upon the most recent specialized software for equipment management and was specifically tailored to fit the fleets’ needs.

What separates this particular feature from others is its Maintenance Ongoing section. Namely, with this, LionEight offers a possibility to have an overview of all repairs in progress statuses.

You will have three possible scenarios in front of you: Open Repairs, In Progress Repairs, and Resolved Repairs. All of this will be available in one place, just one click away. This means that you will be able to easily track everything, without worrying about missing a maintenance date, for instance.

Additionally, we automated communication between drivers and an authorized service repairs technician (Assignee), as well as the option to add photos in order to visually show the fault in question.

One of the most significant improvements of this feature is the updated History tab. We have added a detailed overview of all the necessary repair information. With it, you will have a summary of all previous repairs. The biggest benefit of this particular novelty is that our users can also sort out each repair based on its price, which can be especially useful for fleet managers and maintenance managers. Most importantly, they will have an overview of total costs at the company level. This ensures transparency and a possibility of planning in advance as well as saving money based on the calculations we have done for you.

Unidentified Driving in Progress


The Unidentified Driving in Progress feature is now even better! Up until now, you’ve been able to filter a vehicle’s status by the following: Idling, In Motion, ELD Unplugged, Stationary, and Vehicle with FaultsKnowing how important spotting unidentified driving in progress is, we improved the search filters. Adding the time span option of the unidentified driving in progress status enables you to see for how long a vehicle has been in motion without the ELD being connected. With LionEight ELD you will stay up to date and make data-driven decisions by reducing Unidentified Driving events in the future.

We’re constantly working on developing new features and updating the existing ones to keep up with the market and our customers’ needs. Thank you for choosing LionEight! Contact our team and get a free trial today.

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