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ELD Compliance

ELD solution meeting the highest FMCSA standards.


FMCSA registered

LionEight ELD is a registered ELD solution that fully complies with the FMCSA requirements.

With a user-friendly app, drivers can easily record their daily logs while safety managers have an insight into the driver’s logs and can suggest log edits.

Complete the DOT inspection easily

Be ready for the audit at any moment. During the roadside inspection, our app allows you to transfer logs easily directly to the FMCSA portal or inspector’s email. The fleet can also send logs from the web via email or web service with one click.

Raise up your CSA score

With the electronic logs, the driver and fleet work in tandem. Prevent Form and Manner errors and HOS violations on time and be sure about every inspection.

Stay on top with electronic DVIR

We know how important it is to do DVIR on a daily basis to abide by the laws and be sure about good vehicle conditions. Drivers can easily fill out DVIR with our mobile application.

ELD compatible with any vehicle

Connect your ELD to any truck you want. Our variety of cable options lets you choose the best option for your vehicle.

Stay up to date about HOS violation

With our solution, the fleet gets instant alerts every time the driver is nearing violations or breaks them. Keep an eye on the drivers live time from the Dashboard, call them when they are nearing the violation and increase their safety.

All-in-one ELD solution that helps your business

With LionEight ELD, you can be sure that you can connect to every truck you want. Record driver’s logs, prevent HOS violations and prepare for an audit with our registered ELD solution.

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What type of vehicles are compatible with LionEight ELD?

The LionEight ELD plugs into all standard 9-pin, 6-pin, or OBDII diagnostic ports which means that all vehicles are compatible with cable harness and ELD device.

Is driving time automatically recorded?

When the vehicle is in motion and the speed is greater than 5 mph, the driving will be automatically recorded from the ELD device and the driver’s status will be set to “Driving”.

Is LionEight ELD registered with FMCSA?

Yes, LionEight ELD is in the FMCSA list of registered ELD providers.

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