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GPS Tracking

Have a total control over your fleet.


Saves time and money

The LionEight GPS devices are the perfect solution to manage assets, track location, speed or sudden stops and essential to theft prevention.

With a variety of different GPS accessories, our GPS devices are compatible with almost any vehicle type such as trucks, trailers, or excavators.

Improved driver safety

LionEight GPS devices allow you to monitor precise location, speed, current vehicle status, battery and fuel percentage and even idling conditions.

You can immediately respond to any emergencies related to your vehicle and driver by taking a proactive approach to safety.

Lower insurance premiums

With LionEight GPS, you will reduce insurance premiums and lower a driver’s CSA score by monitoring speed, reckless driving and driver behavior.

Create Geofences

Create a Geofence area in the map and get an in-app, email or SMS alert every time your truck or trailer enters or exits a Geofence.

Track ELD Unplugs

If you have both ELD and GPS devices and your driver has unplugged an ELD device, you can use our TrackLight GPS device to get the location and status of that vehicle.

Make data-driven decisions

Automated GPS reporting allows you to improve vehicle performance. Review Mileage and Idling Utilization reports and reduce operational costs that affect your business. Check if the asset is unutilized, idling or inactive for too long or wastes fuel unnecessarily.

Grow your business with our GPS solution

Increase your fleet productivity, save money and be certain of every asset’s movement.
Monitor location in real time and be aware of every change with our instant alerts.

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Do I need LionEight ELD to use LionEight GPS devices?

LionEight GPS is a stand-alone solution which can be used regardless of LionEight ELD for both vehicles and trailers tracking.

I already have an ELD device, why do I need GPS as well?

LionEight GPS devices can be assigned to not only vehicles but also to trailers. GPS devices can provide additional information on trailer’s temperature and vehicle battery which can’t be fetched from ELD. GPS devices are also useful to track vehicle location in case when the driver has unplugged the ELD.

Can I keep track of how long was the vehicle idling with the GPS device?

Yes, LionEight In-Dash GPS device monitors idling conditions.

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