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Achieve near-zero downtime with preventative maintenance.


Make safety a priority

The LionEight Maintenance solution makes safety a number one priority. When you are sure that every vehicle is in good condition, you increase drivers’ productivity, reduce their stress and utilize assets more efficiently. Prevent unforeseen situations on the road and be certain that the delivery will be on time.

Easy vehicle inspections

With our intuitive mobile app, drivers can make DVIR quicker and boost their safety with automated reminders for pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

Fleet managers can check defects on the web and prioritize which defects should be fixed immediately.

Schedule maintenance

Preventive maintenance management is simple now as we highlight the most urgent maintenance which you should do in the near future. Once you create a schedule, you will receive an alert when the due date is near. Choose maintenance frequency and the maintenance type by your needs.

Track fault codes in real-time

From our Smart Dashboard Map, you can track all active Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) that are detected in real time. Fault codes are displayed with full description so your fleet can react to them immediately and send vehicles to the mechanic when it is necessary. Get instant alerts and catch important issues faster.

Save time with alerts

With our customized alerts you will stay up on vehicle health. Get reminders about the created maintenance schedule every time when fault code and DVIR with defects are reported.

Keep an eye on vehicle health

Create maintenance schedules to reduce operational costs. Go to mechanics on time to increase the safety of your drivers. Run your business efficiently.

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Can I schedule preventive maintenance for oil change every 30 000 miles?

Choose any type of maintenance and any frequency you want. You can schedule maintenance frequency in the miles, but also in the engine hours and days. For example, make a schedule for oil change every 30 000 miles, every 6 months or every 1500 engine hours.

Will I see the list of all reported defects during DVIR?

Yes, all pre-trip and post-trip inspections are sent to the web so the fleet manager can evaluate the DVIR report and resolve defects (if any are reported) on vehicles and trailers.

Where can I see if my vehicle has an active DTC?

If there is an active Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for your vehicle, you will immediately receive in-app, Email or SMS notification and you will see it directly from the Dashboard list where vehicles with DTCs will be marked with “Vehicle Faults” status.

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