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Safety Hub

Improved fleet safety and cost efficiency at the palm of your hand


Complete transparency for your fleet

It’s no wonder that more and more companies equip their fleets with dashcams. They provide full visibility for the fleet managers, giving insight into the drivers’ behavior. With LionEight Safety Hub solution, users will be able to stay on top of their fleet performance by having access to the footage at their fingertips.

Real-time data for safety improvement

By having insight into drivers’ behavior in real-time, fleet managers can act on the data. This will make safety improvement much easier since they will be able to pinpoint the problems and think about possible corrections they could implement in the future. LionEight Safety Hub solution offers the live stream option and makes it easier for its users to potentially organize educational content for their drivers on safe driving.

Reduce insurance costs

It has become vital for fleet safety in the recent past to document when unsafe driving behavior or accident happens. One of the primary reasons for this is insurance companies demanding fleets to install dashcams. Some even provide a discount if you have dashcams installed. Because insurance rates rise year by year, the use of dashcams in the industry is increasing. By using the LionEight Safety Hub solution, fleet managers will solve numerous problems linked to roadside accidents and, of course, decrease insurance costs.

Reduce insurance costs and improve the overall fleet safety level

Stay in favor of insurance companies and save money with LionEight Safety Hub solution.
Join those who already decided to put safety first and install dashcams in all your vehicles.

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