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Update v6.3 is live

New updates are here! In addition to the brand-new mobile app we’re particularly excited about, we’ve included route details, GPS and route statuses on the dashboard, rating options, and a more comprehensive driver overview.

Read on to discover the details!

Mobile App for Fleets


All the great features that make our web app so comprehensive and useful are now available on mobile too. The functionalities and real-time data flow remain the same. But the mobile app will give our users more flexibility: they’ll now be able to keep track of their fleet at any time and any place. This option is available for both Android and iOS users.

Performance Rating


Drivers, brokers, and dispatchers will now be able to rate each other’s performance once a load is completed. This will be done either through an email or through the app itself. This option will give team members more clarity and transparency around processes and collaboration. It’ll help them easily spot areas of improvement and share positive feedback, which can strengthen relationships and positively impact company culture.

Route Breakdown


Location History can now display a route breakdown for each selected day for each driver. The Location History report will let fleet managers see all stops a driver made, as well as their time and location. The distance made in-between the stops will also be visible. This feature will increase transparency and help fleet managers organize drivers’ time appropriately.

New Dashboard Filters: GPS and Route Status Filters


On the dashboard, the GPS filter will now display vehicles and trailers. The Route Status filter (On time, Possible delay, Late), will open up the Dashboard view on the map, showing driver data: his location, if he’s on time or late, and similar. Like the previous feature, this one will also help trucking teams increase transparency and improve time management.

Additional Driver Details


This view on the Dashboard will provide a detailed driver and vehicle rundown. The details include driver status, location, odometer data, engine hours, driver’s phone number and email, which company he belongs to, and similar. No more research and connecting the dots – with this functionality, you’ll get the right information within seconds.

Hours of Service Breakdown


In the log, you can now see how much time a driver spends on each status. This means the remaining hours for driving, how many hours there are until the end of the shift, and until a complete cycle. This information is already visible on the driver dashboard, but it has also been added to the log overview for the convenience of other team members.

Safety Scorecards


Fleet managers can now use this feature to track vehicles’ and drivers’ important events such as hard braking, hard turns, hard acceleration, idle time, and speeding. This information will help fleet managers spot areas of improvement and work with drivers to improve safety on the road.

Roadside Inspection Notification


From now, Fleet managers will be getting notifications for each roadside inspection.



On the menu on the left, the folder Compliance has been updated and reorganized. It now contains Logs, Hours of Service, Safety Scorecards, and Roadside Inspections.



In addition to Love’s and Pilot & Flying J, Travel Centers of America has been added to the list of Stations.

What’s New


Software updates are very significant because they keep the app running smoothly. LionEight ELD app is constantly improving and introducing new features. This is why knowing when new features and software updates are available is important.

With the “What’s New” section, users can rest assured that they will not forget to check out the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes. Every new update will be shown in the upper right corner, below the header.

Documents Management


The “Documents Management” feature shows the list of uploaded documents by Fleet Managers. In the “Type” dropdown menu users can choose between different types of documents: Bill of Landing, Scale Ticket, Accident Photos, or Other.

A lot of time will be saved by not having to search for important documents in physical form thanks to this feature that makes them all instantly accessible with just one click.

Along with the new features, we are proud to announce that we have upgraded the LionEight ELD server to work up to NINE times faster! Thanks to this, the data loadings will be much much faster and it will enable the wait times to be shorter.

We’re constantly working on developing new features and updating the existing ones to keep up with the market and our customers’ needs. Thank you for choosing LionEight! Contact our team and get a free trial today.

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