ELD Solution,

from truckers to truckers.
Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

ELD Solution,

from truckers to truckers.
Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Running a business from your office just as good as if you were out

there with your fleet is possible with the right GPS device.

You will know the details that matter.

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eld rider

Fast-growing ELD solution

Starting December 16, 2019, all carriers and drivers subject to the FMCSA ELD rule must use ELDs. Along with satisfying the FMCSA mandate, we have developed an ELD solution to increase your dispatch planning, efficiency, and productivity.
Stay tuned!

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ELD Rider

ELD Rider Mobile

Keep your eyes and mind on the road and let the ELD Rider do the work for you. Easy installation and secure bluetooth connection will keep you compliant at all times. Perform DOT inspections and transfer data to the officer with just a couple of clicks. With our app you can easily overview your hours and certify the logs. Our sleek design and easy navigation will make your life easier


We appreciate the value drivers deliver to our customers. Increase productivity and reduce operating costs by using our services to manage your fleet more efficiently.


Our apps provide access at your fingertips to the location, condition, and requisite documentation related to your vehicles. Live logs, vehicle tracking, DVIRs, and vehicle maintenance are just some of the features we offer you.


You do not need to worry about vehicle's location anymore. Track your vehicles easily and optimize trip planning with real-time location tracking.

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